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Monmouthshire & Torfaen


I’m Siân, your Personal Image Consultant at House of Colour in Monmouthshire & Torfaen. I believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful and this should be celebrated and cherished. Everyone deserves to be appreciated and valued for being themselves.

What I do isn’t about following fashion and trends. It’s about helping you to express who you are with confidence and ease. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is enormously empowering and saves so much time and money because you’ll no longer buy clothes that don’t have a place in your wardrobe or on your body.

The experience you’ll have with me gives you the tools you need to be able to:

Look fantastic and feel great!

Transform how you feel about yourself

Have absolute confidence in your style and appearance, whatever the occasion

Choose the right colours for you and know how to wear them

Get pleasure from choosing what to wear – a great start to the day

Equip your wardrobe with clothes that you love to wear

Have more outfits with fewer clothes – create the ideal capsule wardrobe

Discover how to dress well, saving time and money

Get used to receiving compliments – you’ll be getting them all the time!

You’ll find information about all of my services below. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

The Transformational Experience


The key to unlocking your individual style formula is the combination of a personal style session, colour analysis and make-up tutorial. You can read more about the three elements below.

This is an exclusive one-to-one experience arranged to ensure you learn everything you need to know to put your individual style formula into practice. I tailor make this experience to suit your needs, and it can be delivered in one day or over an agreed number of sessions.

Personal Style


In your Personal Style session, we look at your body architecture and proportions to understand how to dress to accentuate your strengths and create those optical illusions around the bits you’re not so keen on.

We also make sure that you know how to express your personality through your clothes and accessories, so that your look is authentic and polished. This information helps you understand what style of garments to choose, how to wear them, and what fabrics and accessories to go for.

At the end of your consultation, you’ll have a personalised workbook with all the information you need to start creating a wardrobe that not only shows the world who you are but also works for your lifestyle. Go on to have a colour analysis session and you’ll have the complete picture.

Personal Style can be delivered virtually – please send me a message to discuss this option.

Colour Analysis


Understanding what colours suit you is the underlying secret to getting your clothing (and make-up) right. There is a whole palette of colours that suit you, bring you into focus and make you look amazing. Colours that draw out the right contrasts in your eye colour, your hair colour, your skin tone and so much more. This is what you learn in a Colour Analysis session. You’ll see for yourself the difference the right colours make.

At the end of the session, you’ll have all the information you need to start building your new colourful wardrobe. You’ll take away a leather wallet containing swatches of all the colours in your seasonal palette, as well as a personalised workbook containing everything you need.

Accurate colour analysis has to be completed in person, in natural daylight. I’ll welcome you to my Studio for your session.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” 

Oscar de la Renta

Make-Up & Skincare


In this session you’ll discover the perfect natural skincare products to take care of your skin. You’ll also practice simple and effective make-up techniques encompassing both a daytime and evening look. You’ll take away a useful workbook capturing all the tips you learn throughout the session, as well as having the opportunity to purchase any of the products that you try.

The House of Colour make-up range is perfect. From foundation that is perfectly matched to your skin in natural daylight, to blusher, lipstick and eyeshadows that are the perfect colours for your seasonal palette and your skin. I use the Natural Elements skincare range, which is truly natural, 100% vegan organic skincare. All the products are designed to be as gentle as possible so you can keep your skin naturally beautiful.

“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping” Karl Lagerfeld

Wardrobe Review

£75 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

If you find the thought of sorting through your wardrobe daunting or you just don’t know where to start for the best, help is available.

I’ll show you how to go shopping in your wardrobe to find the items that work perfectly with your personal style and colours. We’ll assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don’t need to simplify your life and refresh your style.

We’ll also organise your wardrobe so you can effortlessly put together an outfit for whatever occasion you’ve got. It’s a great way to utilise what you already have. We’ll make a record of any new outfits and create a list of missing items as we go.

Personal Shopping


Whether you want some expert company when you go shopping with your new style and colour knowledge, or you’d like some advice on an outfit for a special occasion, then we can do it together.

The shopping experience takes place in Cardiff city centre and lasts up to three hours. This includes time for refreshments, as staying hydrated is really important to have an effective shopping trip.

We’ll have a chat before the trip to determine what you’re looking for and discuss your budget.

Online Shopping


Not a fan of the shops? You don’t need to be. If you’d like to have some advice for online shopping, it’s no problem.

This service takes place in three sessions that cover: defining what you need; recommended shopping list; purchase review.

Once we have defined what you need, you will receive a tailor made a list of recommendations. Then it’s simple. You order what you like and when it arrives we will review it together to make sure it deserves its place in your wardrobe.

The sessions take place via Zoom.

Kids Colour


Wearing the right colours from a young age really helps with self-esteem and confidence. Your colour season doesn’t change with age, so there is nothing to stop you from understanding your best colours early on.

Colour Analysis is available for children/teenagers, usually between the ages of 7 and 14. They will learn what colours they look amazing in and how to use this knowledge when they go shopping, whether mum is with them or not

Colour Re-rate


If you had your colours analysed with House of Colour a while ago, why not consider booking a Colour Re-rate?

Whilst your season doesn’t change, how well each of your colours works for you may do as you get older.

We will take a fresh look at your colours and see how they work for you now.

Gift Vouchers

From £25

If you’re looking for a special gift, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you be giving someone special the gift of style and colour, you’ll be giving them invaluable knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

This is also a great and unique way to give a corporate gift or individually recognise your employees for their contribution.

Personalised gift vouchers can be purchased for a particular session, or for a specified value to be used towards the session of the recipient’s choice.

Style & Colour for Men


Style and colour isn’t just for women!

Research has proven that the way we dress hugely impacts on the way people perceive and interact with us. Take control of the messages you communicate through your appearance. Increase your success and opportunities in all areas of your life.

In this practical and valuable session you will discover:

  • Which colours, shapes and styles flatter you
  • How to create a wardrobe that gives you the edge in any social or business situation
  • How shopping ‘smart’ saves time, money and effort
  • How to communicate a consistently professional image

Bespoke Bridal Services

You’ve said yes! Now the fun begins – planning the wedding. But there is so much to think about.

For most brides picking the right dress can be a daunting but very exciting task. What you wear isn’t just about the dress though. There’s everything else to go with it from jewellery to your flowers and shoes. Then you’ll be thinking about how to style the rest of the wedding so that everything works together.

My bespoke bridal services provide a tailor made package that works for you, your wedding and your budget. This can include a range of options from discovering your best styles and colours, to those of your groom, bridesmaids and other members of you wedding party.

Booking Information

To book any of the services detailed on this page, or to find out more, please contact me on 07539 464504 or by emailing

All sessions will be arranged for a convenient date and time. Payment in full is required to confirm a booking and must be completed before the agreed date.

Once a booking is confirmed all payments are non-refundable. However, in the unlikely event that the session cannot go ahead on the agreed date, it can be re-arranged to another mutually convenient date.

Payment plans are available. For further information and terms relating to these please contact me.